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                                         { Sangeetha + Narayanan }

                                    Tamil Brahmin Wedding Photography in Chennai, Tamilnadu

Our wedding was arranged by God and executed by mortals. Both of us had no faith in arranged marriage and were going through the process for the same usual reasons such as family’s compulsion. Though the families got introduced and connected us through a matrimonial service, we realized that we are meant to be together very quickly in our discussions. It was a long distance relationship for nine months between us with one in USA and the other in India with very busy professional life. Our long calls and multiple trips to India only strengthened our understanding.


The best part was how our hearts connected and minds synced from the day one and still do – with god’s grace.

When we first spoke, we did not have the slightest clue that we would be spending the rest of our lives together. The initial multiple calls made us close very quickly and most importantly we found a so-perfectly-fitted best friend in each other with whom we mutually shared the journey of our life right from childhood to till date with every detail. It felt so perfect to understand and share each other’s likes, dislikes, experiences, happiness, embarrassments and stupidities that are known to only oneself - it was like we had known each other for a decade. Both of us were experiencing a different phase of life and a beautiful transformation with ourselves and soon decided to say yes to take it forward to the next level. This beautiful relationship naturally blossomed into a wedlock with blessings and wishes of the Almighty, lovely families and our beloved friends.


The most exciting part was the wedding preparations and planning in itself. We probably spent a lot of time discussing about every detail of our engagement and wedding events, starting from dresses, stage decorations, photography, pre-wedding photoshoot, lunch and dinner menu, all the way till honey moon locations and resorts. We did part of the pre-wedding photoshoot immediately after engagement primarily because we were not sure of time availability before wedding. It turned out to be great and we used those pictures to create a hype when we got closer to wedding and invite our friends through social media.  


Irrespective of whether the marriage is arranged by the family or by us, the life is definitely different before and after marriage for the better. The day of wedding is a life lasting experience and once-in-a-lifetime event and this will turn out to be moment of the wedding that you cherish for life. Cheers to lots of love, happiness and togetherness and more to come for a lifetime

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