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                                                                    Candid Photography


A perfectly dressed bride and groom before appearing to the crowd, is all set before lights and camera for posing. These could be best used for filling the pages in the wedding album. No! This is not candid photography. A candid picture makes you live the moment again, wants you to get back to the big day, wakes you to snap the present. What makes a candid photo so special? A picture that is partially blurred which takes you to look at the so focused frozen moment that is not so posed. That’s the best part of understanding- a story that could convey a thousand words which cannot be described with any language. This art can only be captured by very few artists, who can paint with light.

What can you expect from a candid photographer? With the bride and groom ready to start their life together with so many emotions all at once and the excited family and friends busy with the preparations- there are so many scenes in one screen! This is when a DSLR stands clicking every moment treasuring the happenings on the big day. Who knows, there may be many surprising clicks awaiting you!

What your candid photographer expects from you? If you face a photographer who doesn’t request you to pose or keep looking at him until he gets that right snap, but moves along the crowd silently clicking every expression, then he is a candid photographer. All you have to do is, ignore him and get going; he can do a great job unassisted.

What we do? Be it a themed beach wedding at Goa, a palace wedding at Karaikudi, an exchange of marriage vows at Cochin, a noble Nikah at Mumbai or a small wedding with your near and dear ones, we capture the light moments that reflects the beauty of the day. Our love for people and photography has brought this together to reach your destination and close knit your relation.

A candid portrait speaks a thousand words that could express how exactly you looked what you felt that moment and why were you there. Choose your expectations; decide what you really want from your candid photographer and make sure you convey it clearly. Take a look at these candid pictures, few of our excellent candid snaps that you cannot resist looking at. Feel the moment with them and reserve to capture your big day’s liveliness.

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