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       Most of your questions are answered Here!

We suggest you to go through all the frequently asked questions below before contacting us. Most of your doubts are answered here. Please write us if you don’t find your answers here. We will reach you asap. 🙂




How much do you charge ?


Our journey through professional photography travels in creating long lasting relationship and not just creating client portfolios. Pricing is always secondary as we embed customer satisfaction as the most important priority for us. Our prices are highly affordable.

Our price starts from  ₹ 90,000 INR* ( INCLUDING ALL TAX ) Our technical expertise lies not only in our experience but also in our camera and its lenses that renders stunning visuals. Feel free to contact us We will customize the plan for you according to your budget.


Is the price is Negotiable ?

Customer satisfaction is the most important priority for us. Our prices are highly affordable. We customize package based on the your budget. However we charge what we deserve to be paid for our work. We don’t charge single paise more than what we deserve.

What is the average number of photographs that you would give us?

By default we would give you around 500 to 800 photographs per event, the number varies depending upon the duration of the wedding event.


How about advance booking payment ?

We would be requiring 50% of the payment as advance in order to confirm the booking. Please call us if you have any questions.





How do we book you guys ?

Please fill out the Enquiry form for a customized quote. Once we get the quote, we will get back to you within 48 hours and once you are satisfied with the quote, then we shall go ahead with booking. To call us go to contact us here

How many months before we should book | get in touch with you ?

It would be really great if you call us 3 months in advance before your Wedding. That would give us immense time to work upon the price and other verticals of photography like choosing the theme for the wedding, color, lights and mood of the event. We usually get booking for all the “Muhratham” so the sooner the best. And also in case you like our works and want to hire us when your wedding date is in one month. Please feel free to call us.


I am at aboard now. How do i make the payment ?

That would be not at all a problem. We suggest you to do a wire transfer to book us.


We would like to see few of your works before we book you ? Where can we find your works ?

Please look at our portfolio and our another website (click here) to know more about our working style. Please make sure you read all our FAQ (Q&A) and if you have any additional questions. Please feel free to ask us.


You have mentioned timings for the photo shoot in the quote. Do you guys mind working in flexible timings in addition?

We click unlimited photos and videos, which means we don’t charge for extra timings for the day. Which is one more customer delight from our team. Since we charge on day basis, we extend ourselves not to charge for extra timings for any of our packages.





What is Candid Wedding Photography ? Tell us in brief ?

A wedding is full of action and is a photographer’s idea with endless amounts of treasure (i.e the many beautiful moments to click ). Therese the bride and the groom- the stars of the show. Candid Photography is to capture all of their interactions and expressions. One of the beauties of photography is being able to catch someone in the act without their knowledge and its not a regular posed photographs. It adds life to your pictures. Candid photography is all about understanding and capture unplanned moments of someones emotions, be it cheerfulness or tears.


What are the differences between Traditional wedding and Candid wedding Photography ?

Traditional Photography is complete contrast to Candid Photography.In Traditional photography we ask you to pose for a picture, the sequence of people gifting you in clicked continuously. Traditional Photographs are shot in sequence to put it in the Wedding Album were we will ask you to pose or you can suggest us the pose you would like us to be clicked. Its an straight forward and regular, and you will know what to expect in your wedding album.

Capturing live moments in the weddings as it is are called Candid Photography. Its full of surprises, only the photographer knew that he had clicked the picture of your beautiful expressions. No one is asked to pose for the photographs or smile artificially. Candid Photography is all about capturing your happy moments, your uncontrollable emotions through the lens without your knowledge that there is a camera behind you.


What is Wedding Cinematography, Wedding Films and Wedding Highlights ?

Wedding cinematography takes footage to account for all the guests presence, capture video of all the rituals that happen during the wedding and to cover the meal-times. Wedding Cinematography on the other hand, captures diverse snippets of video from the entire event and aims to tell a story. If the movie is geared to telling the story of the couple and how their wedding came to be, it might include filmed interviews. If it is just a highlight reel of all the action during the wedding, it will be the most stylishly presented highlight reel of the wedding. You can customize your wedding movie by shooting it in different locations, sharing your unique wedding story and by composing original music. We want your wedding movie to be the best, rivaling even feature film romances – because everyone knows that a real life romance is better than a reel life one!


Can you explain about your camera gears and its specs ?

We always want to be best in the field. That’s why we believe in using the best camera and lens for the wedding. As wedding is once in a life time event, which should be captured with heart and soul put together and it is obvious that it can be full filled only through lens quality and the person who takes the shot. Each shot is taken infinite time to get the best and our gears makes it more successful.


HD Photography

We are using Our brand NEW Canon EOS R5, Canon EOS R6, Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 5D Mark III, Cameras  with all major lenses to handle any situation, We use right lens for the right Shot.


HD Videos

We are using our brand NEW  Sony PMW 200 | Sony PMX ( Full HD Cameras) Also we have the Helicam Services, Crane JIB Video Shoot, LCD, LED TV & LCD Projector Display. A personal Meeting with our clients helps us understand your comfort,preferences, and creates a one-on-one relationship with the person who will capture your best moments of togetherness.





Do you guys shoot outside Chennai | Tamilnadu ?
Yes, we love traveling. We have shoot in most of the cities in India. We are privileged to capture your moments and so we charge nothing for our transportation and accommodation costs. This is applicable within India only ( Conditions apply )


My wedding is outside India, will you able to shoot for us ? Love to get your shoot done outside India ?

We Say YES..! Wedding may happen anywhere our lens will follow you. Just pay 80% of traveling price and 20% of traveling charges absolutely free

( Conditions apply ) This is applicable for shoot outside India.


Will you use my wedding pictures and videos in your website or in your social media pages for any promotion ?

Yes, we do use your event photographs and videos for our referrals and its done with good intention. On a funnier note you will also be popular. 🙂
Please let us know when you don’t want us to use your photographs and videos anywhere. In that case we do charge 25% extra for the total package cost.


Do you guys mind working with other photography team group ?

We do not prefer shooting with other photography team. Cause it will lead to confusion and chaos during the event and there wont be any coordination. Every photographers has his/her own style of shooting the event and filming and it would be really messy when trying to work with one who are from different background.


When can we expect the delivery of my photographs & videos ?

All the processed photographs will be delivered within 15 to 20 days. For Wedding albums & Edited Videos will be delivered 30 to 40 days.


How many albums | photo book will you give us? What is the materials used ?

It is totally depends on the package you chose. Our printing partner is Canvera, a leading album making company. Drop down to our office to see the sample photo book and feel the album material with your own hands.


How will be the album | photo book design ?
Designing the photo album also needs your support by choosing the pictures to be put in the album. We will send you the photos for your selection. Once the design layout is over we will give you the print proof or soft copy for your any suggestions.


Can i get actual (RAW) footage & photos of my wedding ?

Yes, we will hand over you the RAW pictures and footage of your wedding in the hard drive. This is also included in the final receipt.





What is the best way to reach your guys ?
Mail us at, we make sure we reply to you with in 24 hours. Or you can call us at +91-9940 564 913 | +91-9941 103 104.
We may miss your call occasionally when we are in the event shoot. So, please leave us a message when we miss your call. We try our level best to call you back.

How to recognize you on the spot ?

Our team will wear uniform (i.e. photography jacket). We will be very easy to identify among many people.


Can you be reachable for us on location to discuss about new order ?

Feel free to reach us during the course of the event for any inquiry or to get our visiting card, etc. Since our team wears uniform, you are easy to identify.

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