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                                                         Traditional Wedding Photography


Every belief, every customer and every practice are followed by generations which are valued to be the heart of our family binding. This tradition is what makes Indian weddings so distinct. Though the culture is effectively westernised, there is always a huge space for traditional weddings which is loved by the juvenile India.  This attracts people around the world travel to India for making their big day a grand feast. Marriage is believed to be the union of not only two hearts but two families, two customs and two values. These are so fully seen in every traditional Indian wedding.

Treasuring every valued second in these weddings is crucial, since it’s the busiest day for both the families. Now you need a traditional wedding photographer who is already in love with such traditions. Be it putting on the mangal sutra which is considered to be the most precious moment in every wedding or the outfit of the bride and groom, there is a scent of tradition which needs to be captured.

Now that’s the responsibility of your traditional photographer who is right there to show all the ceremony’s faces in the best way possible. Each practice is too quick to be observed by the guests, but your photographer’s hands speeds up to click them which can be leisurely watched any time later. When this person is busy looking for some great snaps, never break through their way for it could land up in missing the moment later in your life. Check with your photographer when necessary or keep them updated with what’s going to happen next for they can visually prepare for some amazing shots. They need a break too! You can offer them a snack in between if you like to, but we won’t take long.

Every religion has its own way of customs and traditions. A Tambrahm wedding set in temple or an elegant Christian wedding before a holy assembly or a nikah at sacred masjid it all speaks of its own traditions. We are moved to study every tradition when it comes to marriages, our respect for such tradition can be found in every inspired picture. This is your time to decide if you really like our works. Our photographs could do some more talking for you to choose your traditional photographer. Take time to observe our works and connect with us to book your dates in advance.

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