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The Friendly Professional Wedding Photography Team


Welcome to our Studio!


As a team we share a common asset of photography no matter of our varied backgrounds. We just love to photograph people and their weddings. We travel a lot which made us understand different cultures and practices and love working in any city or country in the world. So we love to become your wedding photographer wherever you are. We respect every individual’s uniqueness and their own inner world, even though it’s dealing with couples when it comes to wedding. That’s why we use distinctive approach for each couple. We’ll be good friends as we discuss about the details of your wedding or portrait session and take photos. In fact, we are still in touch with our clients who form the bases for our new business.

We’d love to capture your emotions, smiles and that warm atmosphere of your great day. We’re sure that your wedding photos will bring happiness and joy to you, your children and grandchildren and always remind you of the best day in life!

Still not sure? Contact us and we would gladly answer all your questions and reach the grounds to be a part of your great story! 

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We’ll be good friends as we

Our Team

Our photographers Captures the most memorable event in your life in a Cinematic way. Based out of Chennai, we have evolved  ourselves to be one of the best professional wedding photographers.

If you are looking to preserve the blissful memories of your wedding day forever. You should trust the professionalism, experience and elegance of Studio Spice Photography. Our eye behind the lens would bring over 10 years of experience in photography to your special day.


                                                                                      - Lead Candid Photographer | Director of Photography



Dear all i am basically professional Wedding photographer and Graphic designer. Graduated in arts, 

I have been blessed to document weddings at a lot of places. I have come across people from all sorts of different cultures & getting to know them has been an humbling experience.


I have years of experience in the photography handling I have been taking pictures since childhood, visually exploring life's moments. Having the opportunity to shoot for many clients with various needs gave me a chance to discover that "unique angle". . . With the desire to not just deliver a photo, but to tell the story with that image.


It seems like I have always had a camera in my hands (Many years of experience!) and I very much enjoy much work. I also have earned degree in Digital Multimedia Design and Production. I am also handling latest cinematic lenses and my favorite Canon EOS R5 and Canon 5D Mark IV.


I have rich experience in editing tools like Photoshop, Light room, Premier Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro You can check some of my works here and if you'd like us to be a part of your celebrations, I would love to hear from you. And yes! Don't forget to like us on Facebook !

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