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                                                { Aravind + Indumathi }

                                                        Post Wedding Photoshoot in kodaikanal

The Princess Of Hill Station called as a Kodaikanal, Green, crisp and clean, Mountain princess called Kodaikanal is a popular weekend getaway destination for people to escape the heat of much of India. Kodaikanal is a hill town in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It’s set in an area of granite cliffs, forested valleys, lakes, waterfalls and grassy hills,The town centers around star-shaped, man-made Kodaikanal Lake, bordered by evergreen forest. However it was very close to Monsoon season, and unpredictable weather.


We met and indumathi & Aravind looked very beautiful in their Beautiful costumes. So we were off to the shoot. Within 10 minutes clouds got very dark moving quickly towards us we figured we would not have much time till the rains! we could not risk it getting wet! We started shooting and within 5 minutes it started to pour! Luckily we was able to meet up with them in the early and we set of once again to continue with our shoot! This time indu wore a beautiful custom made violet color dres. We had fun roaming through the lush green hills of Kodaikanal, Thankfully the monsoons held off. Here by we have given some of our favorite pics from the shoot…

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