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                                                { Nandini + Vivek }

                                           Brahmin Wedding Candid Photography in Chennai

The Secret Romance of Two hearts within a Family

There's a saying always “Where there is love, there is life.” Well these are the magical words that happened to be true in my Tale .
Let's me just get into the flashback and cherish the memories ! Well , Both of us born in the same family , He's typically called as the “Mama Payan “, Usually Girls and guys always gets that blush when they hear the words “mama Payan / Athai ponnu “ . Well , I never had such a feeling with him , as I treated him just as my normal COUSIN and so did he .

There's another saying “Like poles repel , Unlike Poles attract “ - Well its just exactly the thing that happened to me . He was considered as one of my cousin and one my enemy too : P – Lots of arguments , fights , beatings – this is what we always ended up with . Life just took 2 different tracks for both of us , and then the time came which gave a SPARK to my life “Yes , It's LOVE “- you may ask how did I fall in Love with him ? But ya , Love has no reasons to end up .I never knew even he had the same feel , We ended up with Mutual Feelings :D - & then We decided “We are made for each other “

There was nothing that we had to know about each other , and our both the families did have a good bondage. But ya wait !!!

Our parents never knew we Ended up in Love and They still kept thinking we are the biggest enemies :P
One such day came up , where our families needed to decide , well you see it was never a Tough Task for us to convince our both parents ,- It all happened smoothly .

We are the typical Iyengar Brahmin's - & so the Date of marriage was like concluded and thus the celebration starts :D , All shopping – Getting ready with Saree's , accessories , makeup With the huge bulk of cousins and families -, Oh ya !! How can I forget my Friends , :D they too were a part of my wedding :D And so the wedding day was nearing , It was the typical traditional brahmin marriage as I expected to be with the blessings of all elders and the family member's – all I could find was the happiness and smile in everyone's face & we too were happy seeing it .The marriage hall & the decorators with the decoration ,with the priority for us , the caters – giving the best taste buds for all , the Photographers

– Oh ya how can I forget ! Though our marriage was typically traditional , even when we got exhausted , they never put down the smile , infect they bought the smile in our face , So it all went up smoothly and with Happiness and Joy .

Thus , with the blessings showered by OUR PARENTS – The most important , family members , friends and others . Parents took the major responsibility for bringing Our wedding the most successful one , We- Nandhini & Vivek , would Like to thank both our Parents . Thank You both Amma's and Appa's .Our siblings play a major role , as they too got many responsible work , but they never gave up , they both put up smile and supported us

– Thank you – NAVEEN & VIJAY

It was all the perfect day with the perfect moment with the perfect people . Thus he tied the knot , So I'm not Nandhini anymore , I'm “NANDHINI VIVEK””.
I'm still able to visualize the dream come true in our life .Marriage is an One time event in everyone's life & We will always cherish it .we will travel our life together , in whatever circumstances we face – we will always Be Together Feeling much Blessed and Happy


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