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Marriages are made in heaven. Well, we don’t know about it. But for us, it happened to see a heavenly atmosphere at our wedding…

This is how the story goes….


When we met each other three years ago, both of us never had a slightest idea, that one day we would be writing this blog. As people say, world is too small, that two of us met each other in a small town in Germany, became friends, shared the fun and joy, endured tough time together.

That moment, when we felt that we are “the perfect two”, it was myriad hues. We were excited thinking of being part of each other’s life; on the other hand, we also shared anxiety and skepticism considering all the odds we may have to overcome like caste, creed, language, state etc.


It started with shuba learning kannada, whereas I was the laziest in learning tamil. We expressed our views of beginning our life together with our family. It was a maze of puzzle on the first look to make this happen. Slowly over time, we were successful, in bringing people together; breaking the odds….And yes we all did it and we all did it well !!!

How can we ever thank the effort of all the people involved in this marriage….First of all its parents and siblings followed by our best buddies, who nurtured our dream. :-)


As the marriage date came nearby, we were eager to travel to India for our big day. It’s our kith and kin, who took the entire burden and meticulously arranged everything required for the marriage. Since this was a marriage between TWO STATES, we anticipated differences and hiccups that could arise from individual rituals, customs etc. To be honest, we ourselves were surprised to find a synchronous happy and joyous atmosphere throughout the marriage, especially each other helping for the marriage. The young brigade really made this marriage a fun filled event, where as parents carried out a huge responsibility to make this event a grand success.


The photographers who made us laugh continuously despite our marriage tiredness, the beautician who made us look pretty on our big day, the decorators who created a fantasy world around us, the caterers who revitalized our taste buds, the event managers who took care of each and everyone’s needs, the priests who filled fun with all the rituals…. Everything was just perfect in right place at the right moment.

We are very happy to visualize the dream come true moments. These moments stay in our heart forever. We cherish the love and affection showered on us by the loved ones. We would tell these stories time and again may be one day to our grand children ;)

Feeling blessed !  :-)


                                             { Manjunath + Subha }

                                               Traditional Wedding photography in Chennai

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