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                                                { Godwin + Jemi }

                            Best Tamil Christian Wedding Photography at Chennai, Tamilnadu

EVERY LOVE STORY IS A BEAUTIFUL PORTRAIT BUT OURS IS MY FAVORITE…When we first met, God gave us both an instinct that we were soul mates. On September both our families met. For the first time we held hands together, prayed and he proposed to me, with his charming smile, he stole my heart, from then on I decided not to disappoint him. We had a Year-long to pray, prepare and prevail our love to every part of our life. On September in the presence of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and with the blessings of our parents, family and friends,


We spelled our "VOWS", locked hands and locked ourselves in each other's heart and threw away the keys, so that we will remain there eternally. In "HIM", I have found the Love of my Life. He's not just my Love, He's my HEART. He's not just my Heart, He's my LIFE. He's not just my Life, He's my "EVERYTHING". This was the day we were longing for, when our parents prayers were answered. Jesus made everything "PERFECT" in HIS time. The day was really glorious with the mighty presence of God, smiles of relatives came from miles, surrounded by the Men of God, tongue tingling treat, fragrance of fascinating flowers all around, sparkles of camera flashes everywhere, hand in hand we walked into the hall in style. Every bit of above said events has been made into magical memories by the professionals of studiospice.

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