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                                          { Sangeetha + Sabarish }

                                          Best Christian Wedding Photography in Madurai

While Sangeetha has a christian, Sabarish comes from a Hindu family. Their union is perfect example of unity in diversity of India and how love can bring two different families together. The wedding took place in Madurai, Tamilnadu The pre-wedding jitters were expressed in the form of endless dancing and a bunch of cocktails. The ambience was all set for a two days long wedding. The next day began with the Bride and the Groom taking the vows at the altar.


Sangeetha was dressed in an alluring white gown with a glittery tiara on her head. Sabarish walked into the Hall in a black suit and tie. The wedding was followed by an evening reception where Sangeetha wore a Red lahenga and of course, her dazzling smile! It is worth mentioning that the couple’s enthusiasm for the photographs was immense and during the couple shoot where couples generally get tired after 10 minutes of exploring the venue for perfect backdrops for some classy and memorable couple photographs, they were super thrilled to go on till 1 am in the night. Most weddings end there, but given the dynamite of energy that these guys

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